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And Then There Was Snow

It was almost as if God read my last post and decided to grant my wish. It snowed for two days here in Delft. It was not just a few flecks here and there that would melt in mere minutes. It was a proper snowfall; thick and dense enough to make snowballs and huge snowmen. People even brought sleds and slid down the library roof until it was deemed dangerous to do so. Since it was my first snowfall, I didn’t waste any time indoors. After putting on enough layers and ensuring I am insulated enough, I trudged through the 4-inch thick snow to the library and did what most people do with snow – make snowballs and throw them at friends. Eventually we did make a proper snowman after learning a few tricks from a friendly Scandinavian guy.

The Library under snow

On the library roof and Aula up ahead

Snowed Bikes

I have grown familiar to the TU Delft campus. The green lawns, the buildings with their specific colours and the immobile trees have become etched into my memory. But with the snow everything looked different and new. It looked like a white city where everything except for the people was white. It was kind of mesmerising too. Even the bicycles parked outside had at least two inches of snow on top of them. It was a completely new and exhilarating experience for me, since I had never seen this much snow or an actual snowfall before.

A white city

Stieltjesweg (my current abode)

EWI in Snow

It did affect the transportation services for a bit. But pretty soon vehicles appeared on the roads to clear the snow and make way for the traffic. A red alert was announced due to heavy snowing and commuters were warned about the possible delays in transportation services due to the weather. It is one of the good things I found in the Netherlands. The services here are active and dynamic enough to take such situations into account and efficiently implement a well-thought contingency plan. It wasn’t much of a hassle for me since I already live on campus. But my friends had some trouble biking through the slippery snow.

Christmas tree on the library cone

After two days it stopped snowing but then the rains came back, the typical Dutch affair. I will definitely remember my first snowfall experience. Now that christmas is nearby everyone is gearing up and making plans for the vacations. I too have made some plans with my friends. More on that in the next post! 😉