Exam Week Blues

The last two weeks were quite hectic and stressful for almost everyone on campus. Obviously, I am talking about the assessments that we had to attempt for our courses. I had to prepare for five assessments and I had four in this week itself! Luckily, I had started preparing a bit early. So I could be ready for all of them.

As the exam weeks approach, the campus becomes quieter and a lot less crowded. The crowd flocks to the library instead to hit the books and their notes. It becomes increasingly difficult to find a space even on the higher levels of the cone. But thankfully there are several other study spaces around campus made available specifically for this duration. The library hours are extended to 2 am as well, for all the owls who prefer the dark. The library staff do a commendable job to maintain the peace and quiet that everyone needs in the stressful time.

The cone @ Library. Picture Credits: Greenroofs.com

Every course has its own assessment method and so preparing for every course needs a different approach. For most of my courses I had to submit assignments that  contributed to about 30% of the final grade of the course. The assignments were quite helpful as I had to constantly update myself with the progress of the course rather than push everything till the exam time. Back home it was quite different. We used to study only during the exam time as we had no assignments to submit. That increased the stress during preparation as we had to start from scratch. Some of the assignments here were quite challenging which required more than one head working together to find the solution. It was fun doing the assignments together with my friends.

For some courses we could even choose the method of assessment. For the course ‘Sensors and Actuators’ taught by Prof. Paddy French we could choose between writing an essay, give an oral exam or a written exam. We could also apply for a resit in the next quarter if we didn’t do well in the exam. So there are several options to apply and improve.

Recorded Lectures on Collegerama

During preparation I had some good aids in the form of question papers and answers from previous years which were provided by the instructors on brightspace. They gave me a good idea about the level of understanding and preparation required for the exam. Many of the lectures are recorded and are available on collegerama. So I could watch some of the lectures that I had missed this quarter. These tools were quite helpful to prepare for the exams.

Now that the exams are over and it is spring break I have a week ahead to relax and work on my essay for the Sensors and Actuators course. Till next time!

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