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I recently had the opportunity to participate in the Bike Repair project organized by WiNZE, a local startup in Delft. I got my bike repaired for free, and in return I had to help them out with setting up of an event together with Prospektief Delft for indigent people. I had a lot of fun working with other participants and the organisers. I am looking forward to more such events.

**Thank you all for your support**Last week, WiNZE organized the 1st part of the Social Bike Repair Project on TU Deft campus – connecting students and elderly in the city of Delft.We are glad that so many students participated with great enthusiasm and willingness to help elderly in our city. This was a successful first step and we hope to organize more of these projects soon.Stay tuned for the 2nd part :)Subscribe here: www.winze.orgThanks to Max Kersten, Jasper van Gelder and Anamitra Bagchi for managing the event and Stichting Op-Nieuw to carry out the bike repairs. Also, a big thanks to Gemeente Delft for their support :DPicture credit: Jarl Everaart ๐Ÿ™‚

Geplaatst door WiNZE op zondag 18 februari 2018

As an international student I have often felt a bit disconnected from the local community in Delft. Even though the language barrier is much lower here, our busy schedules makes it difficult to even socialize with our neighbours. Simple tasks like moving furniture or getting something repaired are often quite difficult because we donโ€™t know a lot of people who can get the necessary arrangements without spending a whole lot of money. Similar problems are also faced by elderly people and people who are not socially active in the local community.

This problem was observed by Aman Jindal, a former MSc student in Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft. He took it up as a challenge and sought to find a solution. He took the entrepreneurship course offeredby YES Delft which helped him to formulate the idea into his startup and develop the WiNZE platform. With his co-founder Jasper Van Gelder he built a platform on which locals can post a request if they need some help with a task and other people who are willing to help can reach out to them. WiNZE is also organising events such as the Bike Repair project to popularize their platform.

Aman hopes to bring neighbourhoods closer through the WiNZE platform. He believes that people will socialize more and do more activities together if they get to know each other better. Helping each other in some tasks is one good way to do just that. This would be important in places where people keep moving regularly, unlike in traditional neighbourhoods where everyone knows each other and has a well-established connection.

Moreover this platform would be very helpful for students who can help each other out and socialize at the same time. They have already helped many students in moving and have received good feedback for their services. According to Aman, a beta version of their platform is ready for use. It can be accessed at โ€“

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Geplaatst door WiNZE op maandag 4 december 2017

WiNZE collaborated with Delft Municipality for the Bike Repair project and they are in talks to turn it into a long term program. They are planning to organize other events as well, which would be mutually beneficial to everyone. They have received good response from the local community and hope to continue further on this path.

WiNZE team currently comprises of 3 members. Eventually, they aim to expand to other cities as well, after evaluating the results in Delft.

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