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The Year Ahead

I have started working on my thesis project now in the Bioelectronics group. My aim is to develop a multi-channel level crossing ADC that will be used to record bio-signals. As part of the thesis project I am doing a literature review in which I read up on different research papers about the topic I am working on. This will give me an idea about the work that has already been done and what I can do further in this domain.

where my chip would be used. Courtesy – medgadget.com

I have planned the milestones and a rough timeline for my project. This helps me to keep track of my progress and to ensure I am on track to finish my work on time. I have meetings with my thesis supervisor periodically to review my work and to get tips on how to proceed further. I have daily supervisors as well who help me in finding solutions to the problems I face. So far my work has been going well.

my model in action

I have developed a simple behavioral model of the ADC which I will use for developing my whole system. After getting the desired results with the behavioral model I will start designing the circuit of my whole system. The circuit design will have added complexity because of the realistic constraints that would not have been considered in the behavioral model. So I would need to consider these problems and find ways to solve them. Then I would need to create a layout of the whole circuit i.e. the way it would be actually fabricated on the Silicon wafer. After all these steps I would be able to do simulations and find the way my chip will work in the real world. I would then collect the results and derive conclusions. When all this is done I can complete my thesis and submit for the green signal from my supervisor. After the final approval I can defend my thesis and get my degree.

my final layout will look something like this. Courtesy – ee.columbia.edu

It is still a long way to go and I have a lot of work to do. It’s not all work in the group though. We have monthly meetings in which people showcase their work while having lunch. We also have monthly drinks where we can have an informal and light moment with our colleagues at /Pub. We have the BELCA festival coming up and many more events are planned in the coming year. It’s fun working in the Bioelectronics group!

Back to the Beginning

After a year I am back where I began. A new academic year starts and a fresh batch start their journey at TU Delft. As newcomers¬†wander frantically trying to reach their lecture halls in time, I wander through familiar routes reminiscing last year’s excitement. I had a great time during the Introduction Program last year and I am sure people had good fun this year too.

It’s a small world! (not related to the post)

Now I am almost done with my courses, except for a few in which I want to try my luck once more. This flexibility is good because you get multiple chances to improve your grades, but bad because you are always optimistic to do better the next time. To each their own anyway. In this system I learned the importance and power of prioritising and planning everything.

I have finally homed in on a topic for my thesis project with the Bioelectronics group. I am working on a low-power, multi-channel, level crossing Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) which can be used with bio-sensors. I have started with the literature review to find out what research groups have done on this particular topic. Then I will try to develop my own design based on the insights gained from the literature review and all that I have learned last year.

What I am doing right now on IEEE Xplore

I do feel that I am back where I began last year (and hence the title) as the process of reviewing research papers and developing on my own is pretty new for me. Here we are expected to become independent researchers and contribute our own original ideas to the academic community. I am not going through it completely alone though. I have supervisors with whom I can consult and get help whenever I need. It is exciting and a bit scary at the same time. I hope I can survive this year as well!